Edge Naturale… Bringing my Edges Back to Life ☺️

What is the one thing that sticks out the most when you are rockin your natural hair? EDGES! Depending on style they are the first things that people see and focus on. Well what if your edges are not looking so hot… I have had the pleasure of being gifted and utilizing an amazing product that is used to stimulate and help bring back what you have lost. Edge Naturale follicle stimulator cream is helping bring my little hairs back to my hairline.

With this product a little bit goes a long way. After I wake in the morning and before I go to sleep I make sure to apply a little bit of the cream to the cleaned area and massage it in with my fingertips.

With amazing smell of peppermint, it awakens your senses as well as your follicles. You can feel it tingle as it seeps into your pores going to work. I can, as well as my aunt who braids up my hair when I’m ready for a protective style, see the difference in just this short month. The one spot that had absolutely no hair has a little bit sprouting and the area where there was a little bit of hair already is filling in quite nicely. I’ll be sure to post another update soon as I continue on this journey with my edges and my natural hair.


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