Count Down To 30

T-minus 25 days till I turn 30. How do I feel you ask? A little nervous, excited, and weirdly unprepared. Entering a new decade of life just sounds intimidating. However, everyone I ask says that their 30’s were the best years of their life. I have people asking me what are my plans or what am I doing to celebrate. They’re all insisting that I do 30 big since this is a milestone birthday. As of right now I have no plans besides taking a staycation from work. Shoot that’s good enough for me right now. The main thing I have to remember about turning 30 is that I cannot compare my life journey to others. Sometimes I feel like I should be more ahead or have more going on in life than what I currently do. But I know that everyone’s journey is their own and I must not compare myself to the next person. So ready or not 30 here I come!!

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