Self-Conscious of the Crown

Yesterday was one of those days where I was missing my weave. I washed my hair and just decided to apply some leave in conditioner and some gel for a good ol’ wash and go. As I was gliding the gel through my hair and making sure all the strands were coated evenly, I thought to myself, “OMG I love these curls, I love how versatile my hair is… I love…” Until I realized one thing. The shrinkage was about to be so real. As I finished up my hair I could already see where my coils started to shrivel up. I pushed the thought out of my mind and decided to finish up and get ready to go meet my family. In the car I kept glancing in the rear view to see how much tighter things have gotten and by time I made it to the fam, they were super close to my head. Of course, that oh so familiar feeling of being self-conscious, not feeling pretty enough overwhelmed my thoughts. But once I was surrounded by my family all of that faded away. They expressed how much they loved my natural and they would love to see it more often. That was all I needed to hear because right now besides my own, my family’s opinions are the only that matters. I tell this story to say this: Yes, you might have your days… your ups and downs with switching from weaves, wigs and relaxers to sporting your natural crown, however you must stand strong and love the skin you’re in.




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