Show Me Those Curls..

Being a Natural Girl is amazing! I know that as a Black Woman sometimes I feel pressured to straighten or rock my weaves all the time, but it is nothing wrong with letting your scalp feel the breeze and have your curls flow in the wind. Me personally, it took me awhile to embrace my natural and when I first started trying wash and goes and twist outs, because my hair is not as big or long as my wigs it made me feel self-conscious. Some days I still have problems when I feel like I don’t look cute with my hair or my twist out doesn’t come out right. But hey, practice makes perfect. There are plenty of mornings where I wake up and my twists are not dry or when I unravel it looks terrifying. But when I get it right… When I get it rightttt… when I unravel those twists and my curls are poppinnn, you really can’t tell me nothing. Right now, my favorite products are Crème of Nature Honey Line, Cantu Moisturizing Hair Lotion and Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt. When I twist up my hair using one of these products, I already know that my hair is going to be looking and smelling amazing. I am looking forward to continuing my natural hair journey and my wigs/weaves are always on stand by when I need to feel extra flashy.

Comment and let me know your favorite hair care products!





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