Edge Naturale… Bringing my Edges Back to Life ☺️

What is the one thing that sticks out the most when you are rockin your natural hair? EDGES! Depending on style they are the first things that people see and focus on. Well what if your edges are not looking so hot… I have had the pleasure of being gifted and utilizing an amazing product that is used to stimulate and help bring back what you have lost. Edge Naturale follicle stimulator cream is helping bring my little hairs back to my hairline.

With this product a little bit goes a long way. After I wake in the morning and before I go to sleep I make sure to apply a little bit of the cream to the cleaned area and massage it in with my fingertips.

With amazing smell of peppermint, it awakens your senses as well as your follicles. You can feel it tingle as it seeps into your pores going to work. I can, as well as my aunt who braids up my hair when I’m ready for a protective style, see the difference in just this short month. The one spot that had absolutely no hair has a little bit sprouting and the area where there was a little bit of hair already is filling in quite nicely. I’ll be sure to post another update soon as I continue on this journey with my edges and my natural hair.


Count Down To 30

T-minus 25 days till I turn 30. How do I feel you ask? A little nervous, excited, and weirdly unprepared. Entering a new decade of life just sounds intimidating. However, everyone I ask says that their 30’s were the best years of their life. I have people asking me what are my plans or what am I doing to celebrate. They’re all insisting that I do 30 big since this is a milestone birthday. As of right now I have no plans besides taking a staycation from work. Shoot that’s good enough for me right now. The main thing I have to remember about turning 30 is that I cannot compare my life journey to others. Sometimes I feel like I should be more ahead or have more going on in life than what I currently do. But I know that everyone’s journey is their own and I must not compare myself to the next person. So ready or not 30 here I come!!

Self-Conscious of the Crown

Yesterday was one of those days where I was missing my weave. I washed my hair and just decided to apply some leave in conditioner and some gel for a good ol’ wash and go. As I was gliding the gel through my hair and making sure all the strands were coated evenly, I thought to myself, “OMG I love these curls, I love how versatile my hair is… I love…” Until I realized one thing. The shrinkage was about to be so real. As I finished up my hair I could already see where my coils started to shrivel up. I pushed the thought out of my mind and decided to finish up and get ready to go meet my family. In the car I kept glancing in the rear view to see how much tighter things have gotten and by time I made it to the fam, they were super close to my head. Of course, that oh so familiar feeling of being self-conscious, not feeling pretty enough overwhelmed my thoughts. But once I was surrounded by my family all of that faded away. They expressed how much they loved my natural and they would love to see it more often. That was all I needed to hear because right now besides my own, my family’s opinions are the only that matters. I tell this story to say this: Yes, you might have your days… your ups and downs with switching from weaves, wigs and relaxers to sporting your natural crown, however you must stand strong and love the skin you’re in.




Show Me Those Curls..

Being a Natural Girl is amazing! I know that as a Black Woman sometimes I feel pressured to straighten or rock my weaves all the time, but it is nothing wrong with letting your scalp feel the breeze and have your curls flow in the wind. Me personally, it took me awhile to embrace my natural and when I first started trying wash and goes and twist outs, because my hair is not as big or long as my wigs it made me feel self-conscious. Some days I still have problems when I feel like I don’t look cute with my hair or my twist out doesn’t come out right. But hey, practice makes perfect. There are plenty of mornings where I wake up and my twists are not dry or when I unravel it looks terrifying. But when I get it right… When I get it rightttt… when I unravel those twists and my curls are poppinnn, you really can’t tell me nothing. Right now, my favorite products are Crème of Nature Honey Line, Cantu Moisturizing Hair Lotion and Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt. When I twist up my hair using one of these products, I already know that my hair is going to be looking and smelling amazing. I am looking forward to continuing my natural hair journey and my wigs/weaves are always on stand by when I need to feel extra flashy.

Comment and let me know your favorite hair care products!





Lets Do This…

When you’re 29 years old -damn near 30, I’m counting the months-, and you look at yourself and where you are sometimes you can’t help but to feel a little lost. Am I doing enough with life? Am I headed in the right direction? Am I doing all that I can? Can I do more? All these questions floating around and of course no one can answer them but you.

For me, I always feel like I can do more. As if work, school and being a Girl Scout leader isn’t enough, I thought “Hey let’s start a blog” so here we are! Welcome to Luminous Lexi!

According to good ol’ Webster’s, Luminous is defined as:

1: emitting or reflecting usually steady, suffused, or glowing light

b: of or relating to light or to luminous flux

2: bathed in or exposed to steady light



I feel like this is a good defining term for me. No matter what life throws at me I always continue to shine my light on my little piece of this world. And now I’m sharing with you…

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!


Me =)